REVIEW: Diamond Girl (G-Man #1) by Andrea Smith

I downloaded this book so long along and have no reason why I didn’t read it sooner when multiple people I know gave Diamond Girl glowing reviews.

Wow…What a ride! I couldn’t put this one down once I started…I read this into the wee hours until the end.

That said, the plot was good, but I felt like it jumped around a bit too fast at points. I enjoyed Sammie’s transformation from a pushover housewife and empty-nester to a more self-assured woman, but certain things didn’t ring true for me; like how fast Sammie took to pole dancing at the gentleman’s club and her initial relationship with Slate. After being in a marriage to a domineering asshole for nearly 20 years, it’d seem to me that Sammie’d be somewhat reluctant to get involved with a domineering biker who couldn’t/wouldn’t offer her more than being his on-call sex toy.

Also, there were numerous info dumps while in Slate’s POV. I had whiplash trying to process so much at points. Once I suspended disbelief on certain things and went with it, Diamond Girl was a very engaging read. I enjoyed the fast pace and the plot twists were well-timed and kept me guessing.

I was enthralled enough with Diamond Girl that I jumped right into the next book about Sammie’s daughter, Lindsey.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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