REVIEW: First Comes Love by Z. B. Heller

When we left off in Chronicles of Moxie, things are great with Miles and Moxie, but their story didn’t feel complete yet so I wholeheartedly and eagerly looked forward to this sequel.

I enjoyed COM but I truly fell in love with Moxie and Miles in First Comes Love. Moxie is still her irreverent, sassy self, but we get to see a new side of Miles here. And Dillion, Miles’ son really came to life here. FCL is one part continuation of the humor we became accustomed to in the first book but there’s also a lot of growth in Miles and Moxie beyond just the funny as they begin the rest of their life together as a family.
FCL is as funny as its predecessor but also has deeper emotion too as Moxie sheds the single-gal persona and merges her life with Miles. And Martha…I thought she was an evil witch in COM but she outdoes herself here. I would have liked to see her get some major payback. Alas, I realize that would have changed the tone of this book greatly for what I’d had in mind for her demise.
Moxie’s friends’ relationships play out in the backdrop of Moxie and Miles’ love story so I’d welcome books on them as well in the future.
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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