REVIEW: The Chronicles of Moxie by Z. B. Heller

Chronicles of Moxie had me at…

“I’m 5’7”, have long red hair and gray blue eyes. I am beautiful, sexy, and a size sixteen. I’ve never been self-conscious about my curves in the past. They just give a man a little extra flesh to grab onto when we are in the throes of passion.” 

TBH, I’m beyond tired of reading about BBW heroines with debilitating body image and/or self esteem issues in romance so I knew from the start that this was going to be my kinda book. Moxie is young, feisty and irreverent. She’s a kindergarten teacher in Chicago which makes Moxie’s antics all the more fun. Despite her stepmother, Martha, who has tried to make Moxie into someone else most of her life, she’s not letting that hold her back.

One night she gets sh**faced at her local watering hole and pukes on a hot Adonis’ shoes only to find out the next week that he’s the father of her new student.

Oh boy…

The first, but not the last time, we learn that Moxie has a special knack for things never going quite ‘right’ for her.
Overall, COM was a laugh out loud funny and sexy read for me that I immensely enjoyed. The characters were well-developed and likable with lots of witty banter/dialogue to kept me in stitches until the end.

Why not 5 stars?
There were points that felt a wee bit forced. I’ve no doubts that kindergarteners are a test in one’s patience and fortitude but Moxie’s students were just too OTT in my opinion; perhaps to keep Moxie’s irreverent characterization going. There were definitely points at which I wanted to ask why Moxie worked with children because it didn’t feel like she liked them very much. Also, there is such a thing as a hero being too perfect…which Miles was, for me.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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