REVIEW: To the Max (Bowen #3) by Elle Aycart

I make no bones about it that I love Elle Aycart‘s stories, especially the Bowen brothers. James Bowen remains one of my favorite book boyfriends of all time to this day. I’ve been looking forward to reading James and Cole’s baby brother, Max Bowen’s book since he was introduced in More Than Meets the Ink.  Then I read that Max Bowen’s heroine would be with Christie’s friend, Annie who’s almost a decade older than Max and unexpectedly pregnant by a gigolo she had a one night stand with who was supposed to be a date meant for Christie.

To the Max was full of humor and I greatly enjoyed the rapport between Max and Annie while their friendship develops.
“Yo Pregnant Lady…Yo Boob Enhancer…”
Neither is expecting love to develop…
We need to stop this before it goes any further and develops into an intimate relationship.”
“I’ve watched you come apart in my arms. I’ve held you while you slept. I’ve felt your baby kick. No, I haven’t fucked you. My d*** hasn’t been inside you. But don’t be mistaken; we do have an intimate relationship.”
TtM is well-written and the premise was well-executed but TtM has a very different feel than others I’ve read by Ms. Aycart…not bad, just different. Much like his brothers, Max was a sexy, swoon-worthy alpha hero, yet oh so sweet! I liked Annie and her initial reservations about a relationship with Max were believable considering his past. The sexy times happen a bit later than I’ve come to expect from this series, yet well-timed and perfect for this sweet friends-to-lovers story. I enjoyed TtM greatly but, for me, it didn’t pack the emotionally intense punch of More Than Meets the Ink and Heavy Issues.
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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