REVIEW: The Exception by Adriana Locke


I so wanted to love this book. There was so much hype from my book friends. Excerpts and highly favorable reviews were all over my social media newsfeeds for this and The Perception so I gave in to the peer pressure.

Cane Alexander is an unrepentant manwhore. When Cane meets Jada Stanley, he wants her but she rebuffs him. Cane is successful, sexy, good looking and cocky confident; women don’t tell Cane ‘no’.

“You shouldn’t try to play games with me because I’m not a player. I’m the coach.”

Jada has recently moved back to Arizona, living with her sister, working for their dad after leaving an emotionally abusive marriage to a cheating a**hole who has a lot of the same core qualities as Cane. She wants no part of Cane…or so she says. I actually believed Jada for a while; she wanted to step out of her ‘type’, but Jada just wasn’t that strong. Sorry…I’m not sorry! I wouldn’t go so far as calling Jada TSTL but she does some dumb sh** that made me go, “hmmm…” more than once.

Jada and Cane go back and forth for a long time while Cane doggedly pursues Jada. Jada wants the fairytale romance with a nice, stable guy. Cane, admittedly, can’t give Jada much more than a good f***.

“Cane, you’re the poster boy for a broken heart. As soon as you get your fill of me, you will move on. You said that yesterday–you want one night to f*** me out of your system. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I can’t do it.”

Jada finally gives in to Cane and what does Cane do? He proves Jada right…more than once. UGH!

I kept asking why was Cane continuing to pursue Jada so hard when they didn’t want the same things and why wouldn’t Jada just tell Cane to go screw himself once and for all. It was exhausting. I probably should have given up and threw this book into the DNF pile by the 50% mark, but I kept reading hoping it’d get better.

Cane and Jada finally get it right and here comes the stalker subplot…I could have done with out that. It was just OTT and in some ways a bit ridiculous. It turned this book into more of a soap opera, than it already was for me.

In the background we get to know the leads for the next book, The Perception, about Jada’s sister, Kari and Cane’s best friend Max. I was intrigued as to what was going on with them but after finishing The Exception, I’m very skittish that it’ll just be more of the same OTT and frustrating back and forth which is just not my cuppa.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️½