Say Whaaaat…Did I read that right???

I’ve excused a lot in Romancelandia but THIS is not ok. How these authors could think it’s remotely funny to depict a BDSM romance (a la FSoG) between Sally Hemings and Thomas Jefferson as a JOKE is beyond me. I don’t know of Stephanie Dray’s work but I’ve read numerous books by Laura Kaye in the past, which I enjoyed. It goes to show that just because I like a person’s work, doesn’t mean I’ll like them as a person IRL. This is beyond insensitive…it’s disgusting.

It is still unclear to me whether there is actually a TJ+SH/FSoG mashup in the works (though Laura Kaye does say she is not involved in such a project). Both authors have since said (on Twitter) that the Facebook post was satirical in nature.

I can’t speak for all, but rape and slavery, not to mention the subjugation of WOC is never funny, IMO. Therefore, regardless of intent, this hurt! Upon seeing this on my timeline, I was literally shaking with shock and anger that they (and others) couldn’t see the inherent problem in what was posted — whether there is a real project or not. I see nothing funny here. AT. ALL.

As my grandmother used to say, “when people show you who they are, believe them!”

Two more authors for my ‘DO NOT READ’ pile! Onward and upward…

UPDATE: Stephanie Dray has since issued an apology for the above.

I’m glad Ms. Dray offered an apology that wasn’t the “I’m sorry you were offended” variety that I’ve come to expect when things like this happen. Though I accept the apology on face value, I hope she truly learned a lesson in all this, not just trying to get back into the good graces of readers and fellow authors who blasted her earlier today.

I stand firm in my earlier comments; therefore, I can’t say that I would buy or read one of Stephanie Dray’s (or her co-author’s) books in the future. The flippancy with which the original post (and the early defense of it) was delivered is not so easy for me to forget.

The expression “don’t be sorry, live right the first time” seems particularly fitting here.