REVIEW: The Deal (Off Campus #1) by Elle Kennedy

Although not my favorite romance subgenre, I do find myself reading a surprising amount of new adult because Romancelandia is inundated with young’uns falling in love. Usually I stick to new adult romance stories that have older MCs because the high school or college student melodrama is rarely my cuppa. The Deal came highly recommended by multiple reliable sources though. I was a huge fan of Elle Kennedy’s Out of Uniform series, so that didn’t hurt either.

By the 10% mark, I already liked Hannah and Garret…and they hadn’t really had any significant interaction together yet. Both are smart, witty and sarcastic and…wait for it…mature.

Both Hannah and Garret do have demons but they are not defined by their pasts. There’s a slow build to the relationship here as Hannah and Garrett become friends first and love finds them rather unexpectedly. For a good part of this book, I was waiting for one of them to do something stupid and act like what I’m used to from most NA hero/ines. It never happened.

Thank you, sweet baby Jesus!!!

The Deal wasn’t the steamy-dirty fare that I’m used to from Ms. Kennedy, but it still brings the sexy in a very realistic way for characters so young. Although, The Deal isn’t groundbreaking in its plot, it was refreshing in that the characters were likable and multifaceted without manufactured, unnecessary angst. Here, there was no side-eyeing and eye rolling incessantly at nonsensical antics that typically define NA romance. For me, The Deal is full of win! I’ll be adding the Off Campus series to my long list of series to stalk follow. Looking forward to the next installments for Hannah and Garret’s friends in the future.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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