REVIEW: Unforgettable (Unforgiven #2) by Elizabeth Finn

When we left Darren and Bailey in Unforgiven, they had reconciled (mostly). The epilogue left them looking ahead to a sweet HEA. I so wanted a sweet HEA for these two who had been through so much. Darren and Bailey had found forgiveness and their tortured souls were healing.

Unforgettable takes us back to the time soon after their reconciliation then beyond that point to life as a married couple.

For a good portion of Unforgettable it felt like ripping open the healing scab of Unforgiven and pouring acid on the wound.

We start off with Darren and Bailey in a therapy session…

“I’m in love with the woman who’s responsible for my sister’s death. Basically I’m terrified I’m going to hurt the woman I love….and I can’t bear that.” ~Darren
“I’m in love with a man who I’m terrified will hurt me. Emotionally.” ~Bailey

And we know that Darren is very capable of hurting Bailey emotionally because…

”[…] she wasn’t able to ignore their past any longer, least of all the immediate and painful part of it that included the very worst of Darren. He was exceptionally good at being cruel, cold, and frankly sadistic. How far away had that Darren gone? How long would he stay away? Could she survive him hurting her again?”

Needless to say trusting each other was not going to be easy for these two. But I was committed to taking the journey with Darren and Bailey.

After their first book, I wanted sunshine, puppies, and butterflies for Darren and Bailey’s sequel. They ultimately do get a beautiful, peaceful HEA but Unforgettable wasn’t a lighthearted read. Their love and commitment is tested over and over again. I cried and I raged —“how much more can they take, goddammit!!”

“You know we can do this, right? All of it. This life. Us. My life, my universe, my everything, my unforgettable. You will always be my world. Trust that.”

I had to trust that Ms. Finn would reward me by giving Darren and Bailey a sweet ending…the rainbow after the storm. And she didn’t disappoint.

If you’re looking for something that will make you feel all the emotions of the spectrum, I highly recommend Unforgiven and Unforgettable. An epic love story which you won’t soon forget.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️