REVIEW: A Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Serendipitous Love #1) by Christina C. Jones

Christina C. Jones is a relatively new-to-me author, having found her late 2014 with Strictly Professional and Unfinished Business, both of which I thoroughly enjoyed. Thus, I’m working my way through Ms. Jones’ other titles/series since then, leading me to A Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Book 1 of her Serendipitous Love series.

This book had me at…

“He smelled like coffee. Not the overly diluted, syrupy sweet stuff either. His aroma was smooth, robust, warm, and invigorating…real coffee.”

As someone who isn’t even coherent before her morning cup of coffee, I was craving a big ol’ cup of sexy as hell Roman.

I fell in love with both Simone and Roman — and their friends, who we’ll get to know better later in the series. Simone and Roman are well-developed which made me understand their actions, even when they had me like…

There’s oodles of palpable chemistry and sweetness here. Just when I hit my, “awww, isn’t that sweet” limit, things get wonderfully messy.

A Crazy Little Thing Called Love isn’t typical which kept me reading straight through ‘til the end without a break. If you’re looking for a sweet, yet unexpectedly real story and characters, look no further! I’ll definitely be following this series moving forward.


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