REVIEW: Against the Cage (Worth the Fight #1) by Sidney Halston

Dr. Chrissy Martin comes back to her hometown to help her brother out of a jam and runs into her brother’s childhood friend, Jack Daniels, when she’s pulled over for speeding. It’s been 11 years since these two have crossed paths. Chrissy is no longer just the pesky baby sister of Jack’s best friend. He’s now seeing her in a whole new light…

Jack isn’t the only one seeing things differently.

Against the Cage had some really great moments…

Some people like big, bad biker heros, I’m a sucker for a fighter. I can never resist a sexy and cocky MMA fighter. Jack has that in spades and he’s a cop to add to his swoon-worthiness. Chrissy was a feisty heroine. She and Jack give good banter. There’s history between Jack and Chrissy in addition to loads of chemistry and sexual tension.

The relationship between Chrissy and her brother, Slade, is an important catalyst to the blossoming love between Chrissy and Jack.

What I didn’t like so much was the fact that Chrissy seemed a bit immature for someone who was in her late 20s, had lived/worked in third world countries practicing trauma medicine, and had lived without much family interaction/interference for over a decade. Not only is Chrissy’s decision-making a bit off, but she was too quick fall apart and/or run when things things didn’t go in her favor. Not exactly the person you’d want as your doctor in an emergency. While Chrissy is a spitfire where Jack is concerned she’s a pushover when it comes to her older brother, never confronting him about how he treats her. On one hand Chrissy is drawn as the hometown, “Most Likely to Succeed” together woman who did everything the townsfolk expected. Yet her actions read more like a younger, new adult heroine; it felt like I was reading about two different heroines.

Additionally, so much time in the story is spent on Chrissy’s past and mending her relationship with her brother that Jack becomes a non-entity. We don’t learn much about Jack beyond he and Chrissy’s shared childhood. There’s no real mention of his past or what makes him tick in the years Chrissy was gone.

Overall, not a bad read, because AtC did keep me reading all the way to the end. But there was more that didn’t work for me than what did.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

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