REVIEW: Letting Lox In (Marco’s MMA Boys #1) by S.M. Donaldson

Sloan Foster was an honor student planning to go to med school, but gets pregnant by the star football player her sophomore year of college. He wanted no part of a child complicating things for his NFL career so Sloan was left to raise her little boy alone. Sloan’s now 25 years old and making ends meet working as a massage therapist, which is how she meets MMA fighter Loxley Storm — let’s stop for a second, shall we…

Are authors running out of normal names, now? He prefers to be called Lox, which wasn’t all that much better. FTR, Lox is something I eat on a bagel not a sexy romance hero.


Lox is an MMA fighter looking to make it to pro status and co-runs a gym with his best friends, Huck and Sly, and their father figure/mentor, Marco. Lox and his 2 best friends were raised by a single mother, so he respects Sloan and doesn’t want to complicate her life with his usual, hit it and quit it sexual escapades.

Sloan’s asshole ex added a little drama to the story, but there’s basically no angst between the main couple. Letting Lox In is a straight-forward story with solid writing and likable characters. Twin brothers, Huck and Sly add lots of humor and I’m looking forward to their stories in the future as it looks pretty clear who their heroines will be. LLI falls into my good, but not great pile. Whenever you’re looking for something quick and low angst, this is a perfect choice.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️½