REVIEW: Throb by Vi Keeland

Throb came highly recommended by more than one of my book buddies and countless ARC reviews. I was turned on by the blurb; reality TV plot, a forbidden love affair, and a love triangle had me like…

I loved Ms. Keeland’s MMA Fighter series, so I was more than excited to jump into this one.

Kate Monroe is a contestant on a reality TV show, Throb – part Survivor, part Bachelor. While part of the show, the rules are simple:

No dating. No sex outside of the game. No disclosing the terms of the contract.

Just when Kate is connecting with the bachelor, Flynn, she meets Cooper Montgomery, head of Montgomery Productions. Cooper’s younger brother, Miles, runs Mile High Productions, the company producing Throb, which is on the same lot.

Kate is torn because she wants to be with Cooper, but she needs to stay in the competition to win the prize money. Not only does she need to keep her affair with Cooper a secret, she needs to at least act like she wants to date Flynn on the show, which is hard to do when she’s falling in love with Cooper.

The pace was rather slow for the first third with not much happening between the two leads while we learn who they are and what makes them tick. I usually enjoy dual POV stories but here whenever I was in Cooper’s head all I could think was…

Unlike the other heroes of Ms. Keeland’s that I’ve read, Cooper was a single-minded loner; too controlling, brooding and intense for my liking. I just couldn’t connect with him. The one thing I did like about him was his dirty talking, but…

…because most of the sex fades to black when things get really good.

Thankfully, Kate’s parts were more interesting and brought more life to the story as a whole, particularly her interactions with her BFF, Sadie, who brought good humor to the story. I’d say the same of Kate’s interactions with Flynn, who was a sexy, easygoing rockstar; the complete opposite of Cooper. I’m actually looking forward Flynn’s book, Beat, coming later this year.

If you like contemporary new adult romance with a reality TV twist, Throb may be for you. Not a bad book, but unfortunately, Throb didn’t work for me as Ms. Keeland’s other books have in the past.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️½