REVIEW: Flower in the Desert by Lavender Parker

I found this author last fall, when I read Stone Cold Knockout, and have been enthusiastically devouring her back list ever since.

Ruby Lucas has been left to die in the Grand Canyon by her estranged husband. Ruby fights for her life in the elements for days while tracker Jase Rivers and law enforcement search the canyon for her.

I loved Ruby’s chutzpah and pluckiness. She’s no shrinking violet just whining about her circumstances. She’s got two good reasons to survive – her young children, thus she’s going to do whatever in her power to make it out of the canyon alive. Just when the elements, hunger and dehydration might finally overtake Ruby, Jase finds her. Regrettably, Jase and Ruby don’t make it out of the canyon as easily as planned — for reasons. This time allows them to get to know one another.

FITD was less than 150 pages, but read more like a full length novel. The set up was believable and the connection between Jase and Ruby was convincingly intense after their life or death endeavor in the canyon. Admittedly, I enjoyed the first half of FITD more than the latter. Following their rescue, the time jumps were a bit jarring and Jase’s reasons for not pursuing a relationship with Ruby immediately fell a bit flat for me. Lastly, I wanted more time with them to get to know each other, particularly Jase’s backstory and Ruby’s children in the real world to round out this story and their HEA.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️