REVIEW: Full Disclosure (Nice Guys #2) by Kindle Alexander

Lets start with the cover…

Ok, onto serious business…


I’m relatively new to M/M romance having read less than 10 books in this genre; three (including this one) have been by this author.

We met Mitch Knox in Book 1, Double Full, the Deputy Marshal investigating the attempted murder of Colt Michaels and other high profile gay men. Here the investigation continues to find who is behind the heinous hate crimes. After almost a year, Mitch has had no breaks in the case to find the person or group targeting gay men. The latest victim is a senator’s son which ups the ante to find the culprit.

I’m really enjoying this series; the emotion is palpable, there’s great character development and the conflict between Mitch and Cody was believable without unnecessary drama. The sex scenes were HOT, but not gratuitous.

The pace of Full Disclosure was a bit slow as the plot relies heavily on the suspense of finding who is behind the hate crimes. Despite that factor, I wasn’t bored because Mitch was just so…

We get witty banter and humor, and interaction with compelling supporting characters while the case progresses. Although I enjoyed the slow build to their relationship, I did wish for more Cody and Mitch time and less of the investigation for a good portion of this book. The ending gives us a delicious tease to the next book which I assume will be Kreed and Aaron.



Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️