REVIEW: Unfinished Business (Strictly Business #2) by Christina C. Jones

I picked up Unfinished Business and its predecessor together as freebies on Amazon. I thoroughly enjoyed Strictly Professional, so I jumped right into UB without pause.

When we left Gabi and Terrence in SP, they were happily in love and looking forward to their HEA despite an unexpected surprise pregnancy. UB picks up 5 years later…they are successfully co-parenting their daughter, but haven’t been a couple for 4 of the last 5 years.

Not quite the route I expected from these two characters to take. And that’s what made me enjoy this book even more than I usually do with sequel stories.

Gabi and Terrence still have strong feelings for one another…

Terrence wants Gabi back, unequivocally. Gabi, on the other hand, is very hesitant. Although it’s been 4 years, the pain of their failed relationship is not completely healed for her so she’d rather stay friends to protect her heart and for the sake of their child. They have some work ahead, especially Terrence, to atone for their past sins and move beyond the hurt.

There’s real growth shown in these two characters. Ms. Jones goes to great lengths to demonstrate that the separation was necessary for both Gabi and Terrence, not just a plot device to create drama for a second book.

UB is much higher on the steam meter than SP was…

There’s a bit of a love triangle to makes things interesting and add some drama, but the whole time I rooted for Terrence and Gabi to find love again, which they finally do.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️½

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