REVIEW: Fighting the Fall (Fighting #4) by J.B. Salsbury

We met Yvette “Eve” Dawson a while back in book 1 of this series. We know that Eve has serious issues with men.  It’s been about a year since the Vince debacle that almost cost her best friend, Raven, her life. Eve doesn’t trust herself or her instincts anymore when it comes to sexy, alpha-holes.

“[…] I can’t trust myself around most men. Nice guys aren’t the problem. No. They’re safe. It’s the other ones: the bad-in-a-bad-way bad boys. Those are the ones I need to stay away from.”

Cameron Kyle is the new UFL CEO…it’s been 14 years since a tragic accident changed his life forever. He’s all work and no play.  He sporadically dates but finding love is not on his to-do list. All he wants to do is get the UFL back on its feet and a chance to get back into the octagon.

I loved the other books in this series, but this one just didn’t do it for me. To clarify, it wasn’t because it was badly written.  The MCs were the main problem…I mostly pitied Eve and had no love at all for Cameron or his plight. I never felt any connection to them and I didn’t feel their love connection to each other either. Don’t get me wrong there was oodles of sexual chemistry, but I wasn’t convinced that there was everlasting love developing.

I have no issue with broken, flawed MCs…but Eve is a needy young woman with little or no self-worth and serious daddy issues.

“They all walk away. It must be physiologically impossible for a man to stay with me long term. It’s been this way since birth, starting with my dad.”

Cameron is totally using Eve for sex and she’s, “whatever you want, I’ll be here like 7-Eleven waiting for you with open legs.”

And Cameron’s,“I know I’m a dick for it, but I just want her to be available when I want her.” At one point, Cameron doesn’t contact Eve for over a month then sees her at a party with another guy and loses his shit in a fit of jealousy. And again, Eve’s like “I’ll be your slut, fuck-buddy, whatever.” While Cameron is pretty clear that although he likes spending naked time with Eve, what’s going on between them is not serious. He has some secrets he refuses to share with Eve while asking her to lay all her troubles at his feet.

Had this coupling been about two characters who are equals agreeing to a mutually satisfying physical relationship without emotions, I’d probably have given this book a higher rating. Unfortunately, this is not that type of relationship. Eve goes along to get along; meanwhile Cameron took what Eve offers at her expense.

“[…]After the hell your pops put you through, no way you wouldn’t jump all over a guy who showed you a little attention.”

I cringe. “That’s not nice.”

“Not nice, but true.”

Every time Eve wanted to discuss something serious, Cameron uses sex to divert her attention. As a result, there’s not much shown between Cam and Eve that isn’t based on their sexual chemistry. This dynamic goes on for more than 90% of the novel. Waaaaay too long, IMO. Then BOOM, Cameron wakes up, finally admits to his feels and shares his deep dark secrets with Eve.

Do these types of relationships happen IRL – minus the HEA…all the friggin’ time!! But I have a problem with writers of new adult fiction perpetuating this type of relationship as romantic. It really irks me. I feel it’s somewhat irresponsible as teen girls and young women looking for their own HEA religiously read this genre.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️