REVIEW: Sweet Trouble (Bakery Sisters #3) by Susan Mallery


A great end to the series! Again the emotions ran high between the sisters and the hero/ine. Claire remains my fave of the 3 Keyes sisters…”she leads with her heart“ regardless of what her sisters say and do. In this one, Jesse comes back home after almost 5 years away wanting to reconcile for the sake of her son but Nicole and Matt are still holding grudges for her past actions.

I had grown to really love Nicole from Book 2, Sweet Spot, but her mean-spiritedness toward Jesse irked me considerably and I felt like she hadn’t grown much in 5 years and reverted back to that mean, rigid and unreasonable b**** from Book 1, Sweet Talk. Of course, she eventually redeems herself after some deep talk with her sister Claire, but it took a little too long for me.

Now our hero, Matt, I did not like him at all…even when he realized that he was a complete and total jerk, I didn’t root for him. As always, when an author makes me love or hate her characters this strongly, they have made me into an instant fangirl! I would have liked to read a bit more on Hawk and Wyatt and/or their daughters but was happy to catch up on Raoul – and that he wasn’t with Hawk’s daughter Brittany anymore 😉

Rating: 4.5/5 stars