REVIEW: Hitched (Hitched #1) by Alex Lux

Sometimes I’m in the mood for a deep, emotional read filled with tension and heart wrenching drama. When life is too busy for all that, I need books like Hitched.

Hitched is a light-hearted, sexy, fun take on the ‘What Happens in Vegas’ trope. Here we have Sebastian aka Dr. Sexy, a pediatric heart surgeon and Kacie, a specialty event planner in Las Vegas. They meet at a bar and after a drunken night painting the town, wake up married to one another.

Kacie is busy building her business and has no time for a relationship/marriage right now. Sebastian wants to take the summer to give them a chance to explore their chemistry and the possibility of staying married. Dr. Sexy’s proposition is too good to pass up, so Kacie goes along with it but with the intention of getting an annulment at the end of the 3 months anyway. Of course, as the end of their time together approaches, the love bug has bitten these two.

If you’re looking for something romantic, humorous, with relatively low angst, and likable characters then Hitched is for you. I’ll definitely read more by this husband-wife writing duo. I’m looking forward to Mistress Vi’s book coming in early 2015.

 Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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