REVIEW: Locke (Corps Security #5) by Harper Sloan

I’ve hung in there for this whole series even though I’ve had some issues throughout.  We met Maddox Locke in the first book and he’s had a pretty major role in his friends’ love stories throughout the series. We’ve been getting hints of the love affair between Maddox and Emmy for a while now, with things coming to a head in Book 4. To say that this book was highly anticipated and hyped would be an understatement.

To say I was disappointed in this book would be another gross understatement!! This book was OTT and ridiculous. That’s pretty much my review but I guess it’d be unfair to not explain why I felt that way.

The heroine’s actions made no sense to me.  First, she’s in love with Maddox, seemingly for no good reason considering that she knows very little about him or his ‘demons’. Also, Emmy has some legit demons of her own which are completely trivialized by the author; explained away that she’s just not going to let her past prevent her from moving on. Lastly, and most confusing for me — Emmy’s parents are horrible people, from whom she was recused by Zeke Cooper, yet she returns to them when she leaves Georgia after Coop’s death. Um…WHAT?!?!?!

Then there’s Maddox’s “darkness”…

Maddox’s mother, brother and ex-GF are a bunch of douchebags, but he now has really good friends who love him and rely on him, he’s made a successful life for himself with Corps Security, and he has the unconditional love of the woman of his dreams. So all the talk about his “darkness” tainting Emmy was a bunch of BULLSHIT.  Everything in Maddox’s life has proven his family wrong…stop it with the sniveling and whining, man!!

Locke read like a soap opera/telenovela with its cheesy dialogue; the weakest of the series, IMO. I’d give this book one star, but I bumped it up to two stars because of the cover model.

There will be a spin-off coming with the children of two of the Corps Security guys; I have to say that I have very little incentive to read this author again.

 Rating: ⭐️⭐️