REVIEW: Hussy by Selena Kitt

“Don’t worry, dear—a hussy is just a woman with the morals of a man.” 

Even though it’s categorized as New Adult, I expected the heroine of Hussy to be slighter older than 18 and in her last days of high school. Of course, the heroine’s age successfully makes her anywhere, anytime sexual antics taboo and even more shocking. Romancelandia is full of young virgins who are saving themselves for their one perfect love. Lindsey, on the other hand, is unabashed and unapologetic about her sexuality.  From the first sex scene, Lindsey’s sexual antics will have you like…

Quite honestly, I thought that first scene was going to go in a completely different direction that I wasn’t prepared to go in with this story…at least not so soon. My heart started pounding while my mind was saying….

Then there are more sexual encounters of Lindsey’s that will make you say…

Let’s stop here for a moment shall we?

I’m not mad at a woman for having her fun and I’ll give a big fat FUCK YOU to anyone who says that a woman who willingly has casual sex is bad. Do you, boo!  BUT a teenager sexing anyone and everyone rang some alarm bells for me mainly because of clues to which Ms. Kitt alludes that all is not as it seems. The first 25-35% of this book is as much shock value as setting the stage for why Lindsey’s own grandmother called her a ”hussy“.

After Lindsey meets Zachary things go from a gratuitous sex-fest to the nitty gritty of who Lindsey is and the why she does what she does. You’ll find out whether Lindsey is a normal young woman who just happens to really like sex or if she’s a troubled young woman who is punishing herself or her parents for something?? And I couldn’t put this book down until I found out which it was.

The story takes a turn toward typical Romancelandia as Zachary refuses to treat Lindsey like a sex object as per other men she encounters.  He’s a stand up guy–a Naval lieutenant–and 4 years older than Lindsey. He’s under no delusion that Lindsey is a “good girl”. He doesn’t judge her for it, but he won’t be just another conquest of hers. Of note, Zachary is Black, but this is only mentioned in passing because Lindsey’s parents are not keen on her dating someone who is not White like them. Zachary’s race is the least of Lindsey’s rebellion to which her parents lost all control over years ago. Other than that brief mention, race is not the basis of conflict in this story.

One night, Zachary and Lindsey have a fight so she plans a “date” with one of her previous conquests, who invites some friends of his with Lindsey’s OK. Then the story goes to that place I thought it was going in the beginning. It’s rare that I don’t hate rape as a plot device in a story and it was no exception here.  I felt like the rape and related violence was meant more to teach the reader and “bad girl” Lindsey a lesson about the perils of sexual promiscuity than necessary; thus, getting Lindsey in line and stopping her bad behavior.

Despite the issues I had with the aforementioned rape, my biggest issue with the story is the ending. The ending of Hussy is wrapped up quickly and easily in a pretty bow for Lindsey and Zachary. I would have liked more story to find out what happens involving the resolution of the crimes against Lindsey.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️½