REVIEW: Move the Sun (Signal Bend #1) by Susan Fanetti

These days, I’m not one to jump on the MC romance bandwagon too quickly because there’s always something that sets my teeth on edge…and not in a good way! Whether it’s the over-the-top alpha-hole hero, the heroine being lead around behind the alpha-hole by her hormones and the his demands or that most I’ve read have started to run together thus feeling like the same book, something just doesn’t sit right with me in this subgenre.

Move the Sun is nothing like that.

Yes; of course, there’s the hot, sexy alpha hero who’s big, braw and rules his town and his MC with an iron fist (but he’s no alpha-hole). Yes, there’s a beautiful heroine. Yes, there’s copious amounts of gritty, rough, raw sexy time between the two leads. Without a doubt, there is some illegal goings on with the MC, lending a little edge to the plot. But that’s pretty much where the usual similarities end.

Lilli, our heroine, comes to Signal Bend under mysterious circumstances. No one moves to Signal Bend, a downtrodden country town in the middle of nowhere, so Isaac, president of the Night Horde motorcycle club, takes notice of Lilli right away. Lilli and Isaac don’t take long to start getting to know each other better.

Lilli is a strong, take no shit  heroine. She’s ex-military so she’s more than capable of taking care of herself; she’s smart and she speaks 8 languages. Lilli has some secrets and is hard to pigeon-hole. Lilli owns her sexuality completely; knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to ask for or demand it.

It must be said that Isaac is no slouch here either; he’s pretty swoon-worthy in his own right. But it’s rare that I get to really fall in love with a strong heroine in a MC romance novel so I couldn’t put this book down for that reason alone. And Lilli might just be too much for Isaac; he’s totally thrown off his game with her. Unlike other MC romance books that I’ve read, we have a hero and heroine who are equals; not a hero who makes demands and a heroine who goes along to get along in the name of love/lust. These two together are combustible…

Move the Sun is very well-executed. The characters are real and likable. The setting is well-drawn; Signal Bend is a character in itself. What’s happening here is more than than just Lilli and Isaac.

The HFN ending is somewhat abrupt and open ended as there are still some unresolved issues within the town of Signal Bend. I enjoyed this book so much that I will move right on to the next book in the series, Behold the Stars, which continues on with Lilli and Isaac’s road to HEA along with finding some peace for the town as well.



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