REVIEW: Behold the Stars (Signal Bend, #2) by Susan Fanetti

 Behold the Stars is the sequel to Move the Sun where we first met Lilli and Isaac. Where MTS focuses more on getting to know who Lilli is and her reasons for moving to Signal Bend. BTS is more about Isaac, his dedication to his MC, Signal Bend and Lilli. Isaac and Lilli’s building relationship isn’t exactly a backdrop but it is more secondary for a better part of the book.

There were things I loved about BTS, then there were things that I didn’t like so much and that left me unsettled…even mildly traumatized, if I’m being honest. This book has a violent edge to it that wasn’t there in the first installment.

BTS is less focused on the sexy and romance, more on the happenings of the MC so we get to see the dynamics between the Night Horde, their allies and their enemies.

Ever read a sequel and think, “Uh, why did I read that when the characters and/or story didn’t evolve or progress?” That’s not the case with BTS. No one is the same by the end of BTS. No one! Everyone is forever changed by these events and it informs the rest of the series. I am interested to see where the Hollywood factor takes us in the installments to come.

Although the blurb warns of ‘dark themes’ and ‘violence’, I must say that it wasn’t enough of a disclaimer for me. This book required a clear trigger warning. Susan Fanetti doesn’t hold back on the violence here so this isn’t for the faint of heart.



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