REVIEW: Frenched (Frenched #1) by Melanie Harlow

Mia is unceremoniously dumped via text by her fiance, Tucker, one week before their wedding date. Tucker was perfect by Mia’s standards – tall, always impeccably groomed/dressed, clean-cut with a perfectly chiseled body.  Not to mention Tucker is a reformed playboy and he’s rich.  Mia had gone all out by planning the wedding of every girl’s dreams to prove to everyone that together she and Tucker make the perfect couple regardless of the fact that Tucker is a selfish and inattentive fiance in and out of the bedroom.

After a week, Mia’s friends are fed up with her hiding away in her bedroom so they convince her to go to Paris on her all-expense paid honeymoon alone.  After a day of moping around Paris solo, mourning the loss of her dream wedding and all her perfect plans, enters Lucas; the half French, half American, musician, sometimes bartender, psychology professor who is nothing like Mia’s ideal man…GASP!!

Mia and Lucas embark on a whirlwind tour of Paris and so it begins…

I was attracted to this book mostly because my GR newsfeed was ablaze with positive reviews of late.  Also, it made me reminisce on my own solo trip through Paris.

Now let’s talk about Lucas…

He may not have been Mia’s ideal man but he was dreamy on all the fronts that matter in a good romance novel; therefore, he made me forget I had any issues with Frenched.  Lucas is the universe’s way of sending Mia what she needed, not what she thought she wanted.

Mia was the main source of my issues with this book.  The storyline is full of her inner musings where she waffles between “live in the moment” and “OMG, what does all this mean for the future?” and incessant list-making.  I’m pretty sure these quirks were meant to add to the levity of the story and make Mia seem cute and endearing.  Sadly, they failed to accomplish that for me; I was more annoyed by it than anything.

Then there was the fact that the MCs declared their ILYs within a week of meeting. On principle, I’m just not a fan of the insta-love plot. I just can’t believe in it.

Although a satisfying HFN ending makes sense for these two, I would have liked an epilogue.  I’m just greedy like that.  I always want to know how a couple fares into the future.  But I do understand why there wasn’t one here being that this book is the first installment of a series. I assume (and hope) we’ll get an update on Lucas and Mia in future books.

Don’t misunderstand, this was not a bad book. To the contrary, Frenched is a very enjoyable read. Frenched is a well-executed story with fully developed and realistic characters. Overall, a light-hearted, humorous and very steamy story that I’d recommend to anyone despite the issues I had with it.