REVIEW: Cake by Lauren Dane

I took a break from Romancelandia to reboot from too many mediocre reads of late. In that time, I’ve picked up two non-romance books that, although I’m enjoying them, both include some heavy subject matter that I wasn’t in the mood to read before going to bed last night.  So I found myself visiting, where else, Romancelandia.

Cake was just the novella I needed!!  It was well-written, short, sweet and sexy.  I was pulled into the story immediately.  I loved Wren, a headstrong and sensible woman, not the stereotypical TSTL young heroine, thank god.  The hero, Gregori, was a bit emo and temperamental, but not enough to rub me the wrong way. The heat between these two jumped off the pages even though it takes them a while to jump between the sheets.  The conflict in the story was also believable, not contrived.

This one has been out a while, but I was hesitant to read the Cosmo Red Hot Reads line published by Harlequin. Typically Harlequin romances, that I’ve read in the past, have something about them that was either too-flowery, unrealistic, or they tap dance on my feminist buttons. That was certainly not the case with Cake. Bonus, it was written by a fave author of mine, Lauren Dane (who is known for her strong heroines, btw). I will be reading the others in this Harlequin line if they follow a similar formula.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️