REVIEW: The Party (The Proposition 0.5) by Katie Ashley

This is a short prequel to The Proposition. I’ve had this series on my TBR forever.

Emma, 29 year old woman, lost her fiancé in car accident. 5 years have passed and she’s still hasn’t moved on. She was looking forward to having a gaggle of babies with her fiancé so she low-key pressures her gay BFF, Connor, to donate his sperm to her cause of having a baby. Connor agrees but unfortunately didn’t consult his partner before doing so. When he does, his partner isn’t down for Emma’s cause, so Connor backs out.

It’s disappointing, but Emma should understand her BFF’s position, you’d think. You’d be WRONG on that count! Having a baby is Emma’s number one goal. Who cares if Connor’s relationship implodes as a result of giving Emma a baby?

“If you choose not to be my sperm donor, then you lose me too.”

Emma is a young, attractive woman with lots of other options besides using her friend’s sperm, but she’s resistant to even consider those other options to have a baby. Honestly, it doesn’t endear me to a character who is written to be this much of a selfish shrew.

Then there’s our hero, Aidan, who is a cocky, crass, commitment-phobic man-whore who immediately after meeting Emma at their company’s Christmas party proposes they leave and go someplace private to get to know each other better. Wink, wink.

Did I mention that Emma is a “good girl” who doesn’t engage in casual sex?

Although I’m not fond of our hero or heroine based on their introductions in this novella, I am a fan of this author and her ability to make me feel something for her characters — even if those feelings aren’t favorable. I’m hoping Connor and Emma redeem themselves in the next installment, The Proposition, where Aidan comes to Emma’s rescue in her baby-making at any and all costs cause.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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